If you are emigrating, buying a property overseas or simply making an international transfer you will have to convert your currency into the currency of the country you are sending your funds to.
World First will convert your domestic currency into that foreign currency at the best available exchange rate and make the international payment to your overseas bank account.
Alternatively, if you are returning from abroad, we can help you repatriate your funds.

Why use World First for Foreign Exchange?

We will guarantee to give you:
  • Unbeatable exchange rates for your currency transfer.
  • An exceptional level of service.
  • The fastest available international payments.
World First is one of the world’s leading foreign exchange and international payments provider.
Our service is fast, friendly and commission-free.
We can transact with clients from any country and transfer funds between virtually all currencies by priority same-day SWIFT transfer.
World First also offers "Forward Contracts" which enable you to fix the value of your funds up to a year in advance and thus avoid currency fluctuations.
World First also has offices in both Northern and Southern hemispheres so you will be able to liaise with them whatever time zone you are in.

Getting information is easy and free. World First would be delighted to contact you to discuss your individual currency needs.
You will be assigned a friendly and professional consultant who will work with you on every step of the transaction.
Telephone is definitely the preferred method for them to contact you as it ensures World First can best meet your needs in a constantly moving foreign exchange market, so please supply your telephone number if possible.
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