Who - What - Where? Useful links for immigrants

Just Perfect! If you are thinking of immigration to New Zealand or if you are in the process of doing so, you may find the following links most helpfull.

The first step towards a successful visa application is an assessment of your chances and will determine in which migrant visa category you may be eligible to apply; you are invited to use the assessment form HERE for this purpose.

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ACC -The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) administers New Zealandís accident compensation scheme, which provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand. In return people do not have the right to sue for personal injury, other than for exemplary damages.

This means if you suffer any injury in New Zealand, whatever the cause and whoever is at fault, you will be entitled to free medical and possibly other care, plus a proportion of your salary while you convalesce, and/or compensation.

This also means that in New Zealand, even if they are at fault, you cannot sue someone for causing you injury as the ACC scheme replaces the right to sue for damages.

Read all details at the website of ACC

What NOT to bring with you to New Zealand

New Zealand has strict laws concerning the import of organic material of any kind and if you plan to bring animals, animal product, plants or plant products, furniture made of organic material such as wood, cane, rattan or any souvenirs made from animal products/taxidermist products, best is to check what you can bring and cannot bring with you at the website of the NZ Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry: MAF
If you are not sure about the goods that you bring, best is to declare your goods instead of hoping for the best for when NZ Customs finds any goods that are not allowed in New Zealand that have not been declared, you will get fined.

Pregnacy and Childbirth in New Zealand

Most Midwifes Collectives provide the following services free:

* Pregnancy testing, blood testing and ultrasound scans
* Continuity of midwife care throughout pregnancy, birth and first 6 weeks with your new baby
* Choice of birth venue - hospital, home, water-birth
* Specialist obstetrician if required
* Breastfeeding support and information
For more info, visit New Zealand Midwifery & Childbirth Care - New Zealand College of Midwifes

More info about this subject at Baby WebNZ

Temporary Tax Exemption for Foreign Income

Since 3 April 2006, returning New Zealanders and new immigrants to NZ have had the opportunity to have an automatic temporary tax exemption for most types of foreign income (part of the Taxation (Depreciation, Payment Dates Alignment, FBT, and Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill).

The legislation focuses on these two key points:
1) to minimise the cost of New Zealand employers who hire employees from overseas with certain types of foreign income, and

2) to encourage people to consider New Zealand as a viable and competitive place to live and work when deliberating moving and working to a different country and making it easy to make use of the temporary exemption (it's automatic).

Please visit the IRD web site using the link below for more detailed information:
IRD Temporary Tax Exemption



If your qualifications need to be assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, you will need the following for a diploma assessment: The original diploma's plus, if needed, a certified translation in English of your diploma's plus evidence of work experience plus a set of copies of all documents.
You will receive your original diploma back, this is only used for verification purposes; the actual assessment is done with the set of copies.
Because an applicant of a NZQA diploma assessment may not interfere with the verification process, it may be a good idea to contact the school that issued your diploma before you apply for an NZQA assessment and announce the verification request and ask them to reply to the NZQA asap.
You will find the link to the NZQA website below.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
NZQA New Zealand Qualifications Authority
IRD - All about NZ taxes
NZ Customs
Importing motor vehicles into New Zealand
Treaty of Waitangi
NZ Maori
NZ Internet Service Providers
Things to know when...

New Zealand links

Christchurch Info
Wellington, Capital of NZ
website of Helen Clark - NZ Prime Minister
Auckland Info
Heart of Auckland City Find out what's HOT in Auckland City!
Auckland International Airport
Animal Quarantine Info

Your permanent New Zealand postal address
Your secure PO Box or Street Mailing Addresses, your mail will get to you, wherever you are.

Work - jobs in New Zealand

We can help you with a CV, suitable for job search in New Zealand, click Here!

If you are looking for job search assistance, click Here!

ASMS - Medical Specialist jobs
Work in New Zealand Government website. Links & information about work, training, employment & skills in New Zealand.
Help Me NZ's Premier Specialist, Technical & Trades Job Site for Immigrants to New Zealand, Immigration assistance to qualified applicants.
Automotive Employment NZ Ltd Free immigration advise and processing for new immigrants with automotive experience.
NZ Computer Industry Extensive directory for the NZ Computer Industry
Autojobs Automotive & Technical Personnel
Career Engineer
Engineerjobs Engineering & Technical Personnel
Marinejobs Marine & Technical Personnel
Printjobs Print & Graphics Personnel
CareerJet Employment Search Engine
TeachNZ Teacher jobs
THP Jobs Hospitality Industry Recruitment
Jobstuff NZ
Job Search
NZ Jobs
Candle ITC Talent Specialists IT-jobs
Career Company
Crown Recruitment Agency
De Winter International IT-jobs
DG & A Recruitment Agency
Drake Recruitment Agency
Duncan & Ryan IT-jobs
Enterprise Consulting Recruitment Agency
Farm Relief Employment Services Specialist agency for the agricultural sector
NZ Government vacancies
Employment in New Zealand Classifieds site for jobs
HitechNZ Canterbury based electronics jobs Mostly IT-related jobs
Kiwijobs Job search engine
Madison Recruitment Agency
Netcheck Jobs
New Kiwis Aimed at placing new immigrants with employers
NZMarine Jobs available in the boatbuilding and related industry
NZ Herald Job Ads
Sapphire NZ Technology Jobs
Scientific and Technical Recruitment Limited
Seasonal Work NZ Lists seasonal jobs in New Zealand
Sheffield Consulting Executive Recruitment Agency
Telecom Jobs
Wheeler Campbell Recruitment Agency
Working In Ltd Employment opportunities for professional people moving to NZ
Workin NZ

New Zealand business links

ABC Online Business sales specialist
NZ BizInfo
Franchise New Zealand Information and advice on franchising, includes a directory of 120 franchise opportunities
NZ BizInfo
NZ Clyth Macleod Ltd Specializes in the sell of businesses throughout NZ
Death by Chocolate Restaurant franchises
Universal Business Directory Searchable database of over 160,000 NZ businesses
Bank of New Zealand
The National Bank
ANZ Bank
Southern Cross - Health Insurance

Real estate

Oranga Services - Architecture aimed at comfort and wellbeing
Real estate in NZ
Open2View - More real estate in NZ
Tristyle - Build your own home! (or have it build for you)

Hobby - leisure - sports

NZ Auto
Car NZ
Land Transport Safety Authority - Info on 2nd hand car purchases
Boating Info
America's Cup
NZ Travel Info
Garden NZ
Sport Fishing
NZ Rugby
Golfing NZ
Diving NZ


Index NZ
NZ Web Directory and Search Engine
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