Main categories for residence applications

Awesome! Depending on your plans for the future, your qualifications and/or your financial means available, there are several visa categories you may be eligible for to apply for permanent residence in New Zealand. The following are the main categories:

  • Skilled Migrants

  • Business

  • Family

  • Family Quota
The first step towards a successful visa application is an assessment of your chances and will determine in which migration category you may be eligible to apply; you are invited to use the assessment form HERE for this purpose.

The result of this assessment contains all information needed to apply for visa, inclusive a step by step explanation of the various stages of the migration process plus useful tips and links.

Brief outline of the main Migrant visa categories -

Skilled Migrants - Points based To be considered under this category you need to be of good health, good character, have a reasonable standard of English and be no older than 55 years of age. You will also need to meet the treshold of 100 points to register an Expression of Interest.
Expressions of Interest will be ranked and those with the top points will be invited to apply for residence.
More detailed information about the Skilled Migrants visa category can be found at this page

Skilled Migrants - Offer of Employment An offer of employment from a NZ employer or current employment in New Zealand may be required for a successful visa application in this category.

Work to Residence Talent Policy If you are not older than 55 and you have an exceptional talent in art, sports or culture or if you hold a job offer for a profession that is on the Priority Occupations List you may be eligible to apply for this special work visa.


Business - Investment If you have a minimum of NZ$2,5 million available for investment in New Zealand, you may be eligible to apply for residence in this category.

Entrepreneur - Not points based If you have your own business in your country of origine AND you have a sound business plan and sufficient funds to realize your plan AND to support yourself and your family while starting your business, related to the business you have in your country of origine, you may be eligible for a Long Term Business Visa which may enable you to apply for permanent residence in the Entrepreneur category after 2 years.


Family - Not points based If you: are in a genuine and stable marriage or de facto relationship (whether heterosexual or same sex) with a New Zealand citizen or resident who sponsors your application or have immediate family members who are New Zealand citizens or residents and who live permanently in New Zealand and you are the dependent child of New Zealand citizens or residents or if you are a parent, sibbling or legal guardian of a NZ citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible in this visa category. Health and Character requirements apply.

Family - Family Quota - Not points based If you are not eligible for residence under any other category of residence policy and are sponsored by a family member who is a New Zealand citizen or resident living permanently in New Zealand and whose sponsorís registration is drawn from the pool of people who have registered as sponsors under the Family Quota Category, then this category is available to you.


For details of all visa category requirements and regulations, please refer to the official website of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) or Email us with your questions.


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