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A good Curriculum Vitae (CV) is essential to present to New Zealand employers and therefore very important when you start looking for a job in New Zealand. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
Usually, overseas CVs do not have what it takes and cannot be used for job applications in New Zealand.
If required, we can convert your overseas CV to a style, font and format that is respected throughout New Zealand.

You are invited to have your CV checked by us to see if it is suitable to use in New Zealand and if all it takes are a few pointers, we will provide these free of charge, thus saving you unnecessary cost.

Send us your overseas CV in Word format as an attachment via E-mail or the following information by email to the email address stated below:
  • all personal information about yourself (name, date and place of birth, contact address, email address, country of origin, marital status etc.);
  • your qualifications (start and end dates, name and address of school or University, the same for courses);
  • your total work experience, with start and end dates of the employment, name and address of each company and a complete overview of your tasks/responsibilities and key skills for each company/employer.
  • when you have letters of reference, state from whom they are and for which company and the position of the person who provided the reference.
  • a summary of your hobbies/sport activities and any and all community work that you are involved in or have been involved in.

The fee for a personal New Zealand CV is US$60, one time payment, regardless of the number of pages in your CV. There are no extra costs involved and you can make as many copies of your CV as you like.

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If you cannot or rather would not use your credit card, contact us via E-mail, in which case we will send you the details for payment by Telegraphic Transfer or Western Union.

Your CV will be processed within 2 New Zealand working daysafter we have received your payment, and sent to you via email as a Microsoft Word document attachment to the email address that you provided.
Please include your full name and address with the payment!
The result of your CV is based on the information that you provided. We do not accept responsibility for the result of incorrect or incomplete information.

Your information is protected by the NZ Privacy Act and will not be shared with anyone, nor made public in any way or form.

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