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The first step towards a successful visa application is an assessment of your chances and will determine in which migration category you may be eligible to apply; you are invited to use the assessment form
HERE for this purpose.
The result of your assessment contains a step by step explanation of the various stages of the visa application process and includes usefull information and links.

The Main Report An electronic letter focussing on the New Zealand economy and business intelligence.

The Setup of a Business Plan, as required by Immigration New Zealand, is available here.

Wellington New Zealand Business Environment

Locating here, or partnering with New Zealand organisations, you can develop ideas, concepts and technologies with a people renowned for their interest in, and uptake of, new thinking - within a country with an economic outlook, free market philosophy and political stability that is highly geared for success.

Competitive time zone

New Zealand is the first OECD country to wake up every day. Ours is a time zone where the working day spans the afternoon on the west coast of America, the Asian day, right through to breakfast in Europe. Investing here, or relocating here, can offer distinct time-driven advantages.

Ideal test market

New Zealand is a sophisticated, highly technologically aware nation - a place where global companies (Ericsson, Vodafone, BMW and IBM are four of many) are trying out products and ideas before they release them to the global marketplace.

New Zealand has one of the highest investments in information technology as a proportion of GDP in the world, and its people are proven early adopters of a whole range of technologies.

From ATMs and EFTPOS (electronic point of sale) to electronic banking, internet usage to e-commerce purchasing, New Zealanders continue to embrace the use of these technologies in their everyday lives. That willingness to embrace the new along with the compact size of the country and demographics that mirror those of much larger markets make this as an ideal place to test market new technologies.

Excellent clustering opportunities

These advantages also point to New Zealand as an excellent location for clinical trials of new biomedical products. In fact, world class companies in active biotechnology and IT&T; are already clustering here to research, develop technology and explore commercial collaborations.

Industries such as wood products are also particularly interesting because they involve resources where New Zealand boasts tangible advantages.

An amazing place to live and work

With its clean, healthy, uncluttered environment, low population density, comfortable climate, affordable housing and reputation for safety, New Zealand consistently rates amongst the best places to live in the world.

Wonderful adventure and outdoors opportunities, excellent schools and universities, sophisticated city life and public health care and transport systems are huge drawcards. You'll have few problems convincing your key people to spend time here.

Business Immigrant Categories

The objective of the business immigration policy is to attract migrants who will contribute to economic growth through:

  • increasing New Zealand's level of human capital; and
  • encouraging enterprise and innovation; and
  • fostering external links.
There are currently four business categories available from Immigration New Zealand:

  • 1. Investor Category

    Investor Visa
    The Active Investor Migrant policy is divided into three sub-categories:

    Global Investors - top priority category for high value investors investing $20 million (including at least $5 million in active investment).

    Professional Investors - a second priority category for migrants investing $10 million (including at least $2 million actively).

    General (Active) Investors - a category for those investing a minimum of $2.5 million. Applicants selected through a points system.

    The General (Active) investor category will be a points based system to prioritise migrants on the basis of their potential to contribute to New Zealand businesses.
    The points system will recognise:

    the importance of having both financial and human capital;
    the benefit of active investment;
    the value of export linkages, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and management skills.

    More information for Investors can be found here

  • 2. Entrepreneur Category
    You may apply under the Entrepreneur Category if you have successfully established a business in New Zealand for a period of at least two years.

  • 3. Long Term Business Visa/Permit
    You may apply for a Long Term Business Visa/Permit if you are interested in applying for residence under the Entrepreneur Category. You may also apply under this category if you are interested in establishing a business in New Zealand but do not wish to live permanently in New Zealand. This is not a residence policy. You will be granted a work visa or permit initially for 9 months and for up to three years if your application is successful. You may apply under the Entrepreneurs category for permanent residence after 2 years.
    This is currently one of the hardest categories to apply in successfully and we recommend that you read every bit of information available from the New Zealand Immigration Service before considering an application in this category or to hire a registered migration consultant to assist you.

    The Setup of a Business Plan, as required by Immigration New Zealand, is available here.

  • 4. Employees of Relocating Businesses
    You may apply under the Employees of Relocating Businesses category if you are a key employee of a business relocating to New Zealand. This category is set up to assist the promotion of New Zealand as a place in which to invest and locate business, by facilitating the granting of residence to employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand.

    For details of registered migration consultants who can help you with your Business Visa application in New Zealand, please feel free to contact us by Email


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