We, Janneke, Martin and our 5 children Fauna, Floris, Iris, Yan and Tim, migrated to New Zealand from The Netherlands in '98 after a long, costly and frustrating migration process.
This website was born out of this frustration and true to the Kiwi spirit we would like to give a hand to those who seek to live in New Zealand, just as we did.

The move to another country is a major undertaking and lots of information helps to make the right decisions.
This website offers, in addition to information, the opportunity to contact a migrant who has been there, done that and who knows how difficult finding the right information can be.
We faced some of the problems that you may encounter and we hereby invite you to email us if you have any questions.

Over the years our kids went to various schools and University, we purchased a house and cars and we founded our own companies. These may be subjects that you have questions about so don't hesitate to contact us, we are most happy to tell you about our own experiences.

New Zealand is a lovely country with friendly people of whom we hope that you will meet many. We also hope that you will find your way to a happy life in New Zealand, just as we did.

Janneke Hordijk, Martin Heere and children.

Feel free to browse our family's websites: Janneke's website Martin's website
Floris' website
Our farm


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